A Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

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If you’re wondering, what is shatter, wax, rosin, oil, or hash, they are all cannabis concentrates plain and simple. Here we cover not only what they are but the potency, consistency, and intended uses in a quick synopsis. So go ahead and educate yourself because you might want to add a concentrate to your next online order.

What is Shatter?

One of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis concentrates is, “What is shatter?” Perhaps due to its uniqueness and popularity, this isn’t a silly question. There’s been a lot of hype about shatter in recent years and for good reason.

The name shatter comes from the broken-glass-like appearance. It’s a concentrate that is made using butane hash oil (BHO) extraction. This just means that butane is used as the extracting solvent.

Shatter is best used in a dab rig or vaping device. If you want a very strong high, this is a good option. There are heaps of vaping paraphernalia out there, so have a look online for what suits you best.

What is Wax?

Wax is another potent BHO concentrate. Like shatter, it gets its name from its consistency, which is similar to a melted candle.

It’s best handled with a dabbing tool, as it can get messy, but it is easier to control the dosage with wax than with shatter. You will find that the consistency varies due to the oil content, but like shatter, this is potent stuff and best consumed in a vape.

What is Rosin?

Rosin differs from wax and shatter in that it does not use a chemical solvent. The extraction method for rosin relies on pressure and high temperatures being applied to the plant. This removes the resin, which is similar to tree sap or thick oil.

Rosin is a “cleaner” concentrate than BHOs. You can safely add it to a joint or bowl and smoke it for an extra high. Or you can always vape it like the previous two options. This is a favourite concentrate for people who love terpenes and full-bodied cannabis flavors.

What is Oil?

When a concentrate uses carbon dioxide as the solvent instead of butane, it is called a cannabis oil. The CO2 extraction method yields a higher amount of terpenes than BHOs. Oftentimes, you can find CBD oil varieties using this extraction method.

As the name suggests, these are oil-like in consistency. The best way to consume oils is to place them in edibles or take sublingually. Dosages vary, so follow the product instructions.

What is Hash?

Hash is one of the oldest concentrates, as it does not involve any complicated extraction processes. It is made by rubbing plant material over fine mesh and compressing what’s gathered together. It is more potent than cannabis flower and is best when smoked.

What Else is Out There?

The above listed concentrates are not exhaustive of what is out there. There are countless varieties and new ones being created frequently. However, these are the most common cannabis concentrates on the market today.

Any variations are usually created mixing these ingredients or methods. This is the case with moonrocks, for example. If you want a stronger cannabis experience, then have a look around in the world of concentrates.

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