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I’m a long-time cultivator working in BC’s booming cannabis production industry. I have been working with this plant since long before it was legal. Which is to say, I know just about every aspect of the sector, from planting the seed to packaging.

Recently, it’s become apparent that my team of dedicated full-time staff doesn’t have enough time to process our fresh cured bud. We’ve tried, but it’s increasingly stressful as our production ramps up. If ever there was a time to hire a few extra sets of hands, I was experiencing it.

I had so much flower to get through to meet shipment deadlines, and my small number of trimmers wasn’t going to get through it. In a time crunch, I reached out to Angela at BC Trimmers. I knew about Angela and her team from a few of my cultivator friends. 

Top Quality Trimmers for Premium Products

As soon as I spoke to Angela, she was on top of it. She was professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in all aspects of production. I found that refreshing. In an industry where everyone and their dog are now getting into production, it’s nice to speak with someone who knows what they are doing. 

We worked together to create an action plan, including onsite training, trim schedule, and staffing requirements. When the day came for her staff to work onsite, I was doubly impressed with their adherence to our strict safety protocols. Clearly, this wasn’t their first rodeo. They know precisely what was required within a legal cultivation facility. 

Although we use machine trimmers for some product (which BC Trimmers also can work with, according to Angela), the task at hand was our premium line of flower. We dry trim and prefer a perfectly manicured bud to maintain the top quality. After all, a nicely trimmed bud will net a bit more in profit, so it’s critical we don’t throw this flower in the machine.

BC Trimmers sent their All Star team to help us out. These folks know what they are doing. After a few hours in the trim room, I felt confident that I could leave this team to their work. Every bud that came through left in tip-top shape. Fantastic trim job by this team.

I’ve definitely already made plans to rehire the BC Trimmer All Star team next time. Why should I stress out and force my team into long (and expensive) overtime when I can hire BC Trimmers to help fill in my production gaps? 

This was an eye-opening experience for me. Now I know I can trust an outside team to pump out high-quality work that meets my company’s standards.

BC Trimmers Go Well Beyond Trimming

While I haven’t yet used Angela’s team at BC Trimmers for additional services, plans are already in the works. My facility often needs all hands on deck for specific cultivation tasks, like pruning days and turnover. 

Technically I don’t have enough continuous full-time (or even part-time) work to hire more staff. Still, I also don’t have enough staff during these peak periods. Just as I found BC Trimmers invaluable during the latest round of trimming, I plan to use them for our next grow room turnover.

I’ve already witnessed their professionalism and efficiency. They are already well versed in safety and sanitation standards required in a legal grow room, so I know they will offer us a substantial return for our money. 

Angela also mentioned a few of their other services, which may come in handy for my company as we grow and expand our product line up.

For starters, BC Trimmers can work in the grow rooms to help with pruning, planting, and sanitation. Whether your company trims dry or wet, they know the specifics needed to get the most out of your flower. Angela has also confirmed that her teams know how to work many automated trimmers, which I may investigate for my facility.

Outside of the grow and trim rooms, BC Trimmers can help with packaging and labeling final products. If your company pumps out prerolls, contact Angela to see what she can offer the production floor. Prerolls are time-consuming, so why dedicate your staff when you can delegate a BC Trimmer team to the task?

Plus, they have two levels of services. The Green Thumb Team is more affordable but maybe slightly slower in the trim room. The All Star team has been around the block and knows a trichome from a calyx. While more expensive, they are the fastest in the trim room with the best final product. 

BC Trimmers is a Smart Business Decision

I have to say that hiring BC Trimmers was one of the best business decisions I have made. I was in a serious time crunch, and BC Trimmers helped me deliver on my tight timeline. 

Working with Angela, and her knowledgeable team, was always a breeze. Once I saw the caliber of the trim team, I knew my premium flower was in good hands. 

If you are a cultivation or production facility that struggles with staffing between busy periods, BC Trimmers fills the gaps. They are cost-effective because they replace the need for hiring full or part-time staff. You get the job done professionally and efficiently and ultimately save money while doing so. BC Trimmers gets my five-star approval for BC growers.

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