Black Diamond Flower

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As an avid snowboarder, I was intrigued by the Black Diamond strain given its name. I love riding down my favourite black diamond runs at my local mountain, so I must love this Black Diamond kush, right?!

Jokes aside, I had a seriously awesome experience with this strain.

When I open a fresh package of bud, the first thing I do is stick my nose in the bag and take a nice big inhale, like the wannabe cannabis connoisseur that I am. This stuff is definitely dank and has a nice robust aroma, which gives me confidence that the quality holds up. I have trouble picking out different smells, but I’m picking up on some berry flavour for sure.

I examined the bud closely after removing it from the little bag. It was round in shape and layered with different shades of green, from a lighter sage shade to an almost purplish hue. Definitely pretty to look at! When I shone my phone flashlight over the bud, I could visibly see the bright white trichomes and little orange hairs laced throughout. It didn’t feel too sticky right off the bat, but once I broke it apart and grinded it up I noticed that it got tackier in texture.

I smoked this out of my cute little Rick and Morty bubbler, which usually burns my throat when I’m inhaling. This weed was surprisingly super smooth. My throat felt fine, which was a real plus when I’m used to feeling a lot of tension there. Flavour-wise, I thought it tasted sweet with a little bit of musk. Quite tasty, I thought.

I felt the high come on almost immediately and in full force. I was feeling super relaxed and happy. I spent the first hour or so hanging out on the couch with my roommates, chatting about a movie we had just watched. I get super anxious after smoking some types of weed, but with Black Diamond I felt sociable and not like I wanted to vibe out by myself just yet.

Because I was so relaxed, I eventually started to feel kinda sleepy and was ready to crawl into bed for the night. I often have trouble sleeping because of lower back pain and will spend so long just trying to get into a comfortable and pain-free position. But after smoking this weed, I was able to relax into a cozy position quickly and fall asleep effortlessly.

I think for the price of this, Black Diamond is one of my new favourite smokes! I often stick to higher-end cannabis that comes with a high price tag, but I found that Black Diamond gave an awesome experience without having to break the bank. It’s great value and I would recommend anyone give it a try.

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