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If I’m honest, I chose Black Nuken because I wanted to give a famous BC born and bred strain a shot. I know that Nuken comes from way before weed was legal in Canada, so I wanted to find out why all the growers I know loved it so much.

When I first opened the package, it was definitely apparent why it’s called Black Nuken. Although now I’ve read up that it’s a combination of Black Ice and Nuken — visually, this flower is deep purple, almost black in patches. It’s so covered in trichomes it looks like it’s sugar-coated. There are hints of red hairs popping out here and there, but nothing too crazy—mostly dark purple.

After bringing the dense nug to my nose, I smell a few specific smells. The first is that this strain is very creamy, with very sour-sweet and fruity undertones. It almost reminds me of a gummy bear you’d get from the bulk aisle. 

I am a lightweight these days when it comes to weed, so I set the temperature on my Davinci IQ 2 vape to a lower one (I think it was between 370º F – 390º F). I know that if I set the temperature low, I’ll get more flavour and less heady highs that don’t sit well with me.

The flavour through the vape on the first and second hit was quite mild, definitely more sweet than creamy. It didn’t take long for the effects to come on, but they were also mild. This was probably because of the temperature setting, which isn’t high enough to hit those THC high notes.

In any case, the effects were extremely enjoyable. I felt the uplifting and euphoric energy I love, but none of the paranoia or anxiety which can come with strong strains. I remember thinking just how much I loved the sensation. It wasn’t too heady and was very much a relaxing body sensation.

What I loved the most about this high? I could read! Usually, I’m too stoned to make sense of a full-text page and just keep circling back to the same sentence. I read for an hour or so and kept hitting my vape. It was a nice surprise to have my brain function enough to read a non-fiction history book.

After an hour or so, and I’d pouched the vape, I was still pleasantly stoned with the same positive energy. The high was actually very consistent. Another win for Black Nuken! 

I usually smoke or vape right before bed because everything puts me to sleep, but this time, I was up for a surprisingly long time. Not energized but interested in my book. So I’d categorize Black Nuke as a gentle after-work option or for a lazy Sunday. Overall, one of my new favourites for sure.

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