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Since moving to British Columbia in November, I have been interested in trying Black Nuken kush since it seems pretty popular in this part of Canada. After using it in a little smoke sesh with some friends last night, I’m really glad that I did. We all loved our experience and plan to order more.

Appearance-wise, the bud is dense and round. It’s actually quite aesthetically-pleasing! The quality shines through in this tightly-packed flower, and is laced with little orange hairs and darker shades of green throughout. 

This strain appeared almost glittery when held under the light from the bright white trichomes found throughout the bud. Seriously, I could see the trichomes all over this stuff! I wish I had a magnifying glass because Black Nuken would be so interesting to examine up close. I think anyone would be impressed when looking at this strain.

Black Nuken definitely has a strong smell. As soon as I opened the package, I could tell that this strain was dank in the best way! It has almost a sweet smell with layers of citrus and floral elements throughout.

I was surprised by how light and fluffy this product became once the bud went through my grinder. But it was still sticky enough to be packed easily and effortlessly, making it perfect for rolling into a joint. 

Smoking our Black Nuken joint was a real pleasure. Everyone partaking thought it was unreal! The smoke tasted sweet and smooth and didn’t make us cough or feel like we were about to lose a lung. I have tried many strains that felt so harsh on my throat, so it was refreshing to smoke something that felt so gentle on my body. The flavour was enticing and enjoyable.

The high was intense and long lasting. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease, but not to the point where I was glued to the couch. I experienced a buzz that I could feel throughout my body. 

I can confidently say that this strain is perfect for someone like me who suffers from chronic pain. A feeling of complete relief! With that said, the effects were not limited to the body. 

Mentally, I felt less anxious and still very sociable. Which is awesome, because I often find that strains that treat my pain by contrast leave me wanting to avoid social interactions. Perhaps this is because this is a hybrid (though indica-dominant). Overall it was a really well-balanced experience! 

I would say that this strain is good for daytime use too. I’m not usually a daytime smoker, but I think if I ever have a day off around the house I would consider smoking some Black Nuken as I know I’ll still be able to get some productive things done while enjoying the relaxing effects.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this strain to anyone who is looking to try something new and of high-quality. I will definitely be repurchasing.

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