Blueberry Moon Rock Star Dust Pre Roll

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First off, I’ve never smoked a Moon Rock let alone a Moon Rock Star Dust Pre-Roll. Supposedly this will be a doozy. It’s OG bud, which is coated in BHO, plus shatter, plus kief. If this doesn’t send me into outer space, I’m not sure if anything could.

I also have to mention that it came in really nice packaging. The dube-tube will be great for all my future joints I want to carry around in my pocket. This is arguably a nicer tube than the ones I’ve purchased at my local bud shop.

But enough about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I’m going to light this thing up.

I smoked about half of it, and it’s been about thirty minutes. I’m super-high but in a perfect way. I’ve been playing a few games with my buddies online and seem super snappy and with it. I’m cracking all the jokes, and everyone seems to enjoy them. 

This is a blunt layered in so much concentrate a lot of the OG flavour is lost, which is why it’s nice to have the blueberry terpene infusion. It tastes pretty hashy and almost like tobacco, thanks to the blunt wrap. But the blueberry hits me on the back end. It’s a very pleasant overall taste.

Despite feeling stoned enough that I’m in the stratosphere, I haven’t gotten uncomfortable. It’s nice to be able to carry on conversations and keep up with the guys. I’m about to spark up the other half.

I came back down to earth several hours later. The second half got me in a state where I couldn’t play the game anymore, but that was fine. I ended up doing a little mellow yoga session where my whole body was vibrating. It had a really nice physically warming sensation. 

One other effect? I definitely got some serious munchies happening. I made an easy dinner (I couldn’t complete challenging tasks, that was too much). After dinner, I still kept snacking a bit. So keep that in mind if you are trying to smoke this to yourself, you will want to keep eating.

I imagine when it’s cool to start sharing blunts again, this will make a super-great shareable joint. Passing this around a circle would get a whole crew stoned. For one person, I’d recommend taking it in small chunks. Even for someone like me, who has a pretty high tolerance, a full Moon Rock Star Dust joint was a bit excessive. 

I hear the bed calling my name all the way from the other room now. It’s been about three or four hours since I first light it up, and I’m ready to fall asleep. With the way I feel, I don’t think this will be hard.

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