Master Kush

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This strain truly stands up to its name. Master Kush has all the things you want from marijuana: a euphoric yet chill high, bundled up in a gorgeous flower that not only looks stunning but tastes delicious too.

The buds overall are green in a way I can only describe as jolly. They’re bright and new-looking, interspersed with tufts of orange-blonde hairs. Some of the facets looked a little flattened from shipping, but the overall shape and trim are concise and pleasing. 

There is a powdery dusting on the parts that have been flattened – probably crushed trichomes that (fortunately) were smushed into the bud. I do see whole crystals shining within the recesses of the bud (can you picture the mine in Snow White, where the dwarves are harvesting fist-sized diamonds from the rocks? Yeah, like that). 

Crushed or not, this Kush is not lacking that enticing sparkle-factor we all look for in quality herb.

The aroma is earthy at first – not musty or funky like a dark cave, but bright and fresh like newly turned soil after a spring rain. Master Kush has a perfumy, almost soapy smell as well. I find it pleasing, if slightly skunky – which is fair, as Skunk is part of this strain’s heritage. 

The flavour, on the other hand, is skunky indeed! But in a delightfully ganj-y way. It’s also slightly sweet, which offsets the pungency. The smoke itself was smooth and dry. On that note, so was the grind, which is an indicator of the weed being properly cured. The nug I used ground up easily but didn’t disintegrate, leaving me with a pile of fine tufts.

I packed said tufts into a vape to try this kush. I like vaping, as I find it to be easier on my lungs than smoking. That, combined with the quality of these buds, made for a pleasant, gentle inhalation.  

As far as the high goes, Master Kush turned out to be all it’s cracked up to be. Immediately after smoking, I felt my body start to mellow out. Still, my mind was curious to get into a project. Feeling somewhat euphoric and inspired, I worked on a few crafty projects to get the artistic urges out. I love to work with my hands and let my mind wander, and I was in a pleasingly positive frame of mind to do just that.

Alas, the house needed tending, so the crafts had to end. I had enough energy left to get a few things organized before whole-body sleepiness took over. I think maybe in the future, I would save this strain for the evening after my daily tasks are done so I can just chill when I get to this point. 

That being said, it was a gentle comedown, not a disastrous burnout. I was able to gather my molecules and complete my day in a peaceful state. I can’t say I suffer from insomnia, but I can say I had one of the top ten sleeps of my life after enjoying the delectable Master Kush. It just put my whole body and mind into a deep state of relaxation – a sensation I am looking forward to enjoying time and again. 

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