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I love love love LOVE the little glass vial this came in!!! I’ve purchased pre-rolls from the government dispensaries before – not only are they impossible to get into, but they are wrapped in a RIDICULOUS amount of plastic. This MoonRock pre-roll came in a cute glass vial with a nubby little cork on the top. Not only was this entirely ADORABLE and reusable, but it kept the odour inside too!

The joint was so fat, that I actually had to tweeze it out of the vial. It had a pleasingly stout cone shape, and I could see oil spots on the paper. The filter was made in the accordion-style, which I prefer for blocking larger particles on the inhale – a very thoughtful detail. 

I picked the strawberry flavour, which is definitely the first smell I noticed – it’s a sweet, inviting (though synthetic) smell. That largely masked the aroma of the bud itself. The herb is supposedly OG kush, which is known to be a bit of a slammer. 

Underneath the strawberry was that definitive ganja scent, saying, “light me up, quick!” At first, it proved a little persnickety to light (which is normal for moonrocks, I guess), but I persevered and lit that beast up! Shout out to @moustachetokers for the cool joint holder!

Upon smoking, I mainly tasted strawberry. I’m not sure if it’s a flavoured paper or if the oil itself that the bud was saturated with, but it was distinct. As I was a little unsure how powerful this was going to be, I just made sure it was good and lit and then took one hefty hit. 

Since they stuffed a hearty 1.1 grams into one joint, I barely made a dent in the thing. Also, the compact consistency of the oiled bud made it a little hard to snuff out without destroying the whole fat end of it. In short, it would probably be advisable to share this size of joint with another person or two and smoke the thing down a bit.

I felt the effects almost instantly. My body was washed over with a tingling, practically crackling sensation, and I thought, “oh boy, here we go!”. 

The high that followed was pleasantly uplifting. I was walking with a friend and felt very energetic and talkative, yet not so distracted by my own mind as to not be a good listener (a very important aspect in true conversation). I was ready to conquer that forest trail!

Not too long after that first toke, I felt for sure like I could have handled another hit (but sadly, I didn’t have a lighter). After I got home, I had another sample of my Moonrock joint, this time shared with my partner. He is a regular user, I am somewhat of a lightweight, and we both felt pretty stoned. Even though it was evening and we were tired, I didn’t feel like I’d been clubbed or sedated… I still felt happy and comfortable in my body and mind, content to snuggle up with my honey and watch a little show – the perfect way to end a Wednesday!

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