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If you haven’t yet settled on the best site for mail-order weed delivery, My Green Solutions should be it. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them, and they had excellent service and the best product for great prices!

My Shopping Experience

When I first got to the homepage of My Green Solutions, I was bombarded (in a good way) with all kinds of deals and promos right off the bat. It made me instantly excited to place my cannabis delivery order. Knowing that I’d get to save a little money (which, let’s be honest, makes us all a little happier at the end of the day) was a good start.

Their website is organized in a very easy-to-use format, with all the categories laid out in a directly accessible manner. You can easily navigate from product to product, making it easy to pursue anything that catches your eye.

I was looking to order some flower and also to check out what they had for edibles. I like to switch up my cannabis routine to spare my lungs from smoking all the time. I also enjoy exploring the various effects that come from different forms of marijuana. 

Searching for strains is made easy by the handy little panel on the side: you can search by grade, weight, or type, or you can search for specific strains. 

They even have a section called “Small Buds”, which are sold separately from the rest of the flower options as they don’t quite meet the aesthetic mark for high-grade bud. However, they have quite a few AAA and AAA+ options in there for excellent prices.

The edible selection from My Green Solution is absolutely incredible. There are gummies, cookies, chips, truffles, chocolate bars, even rice krispie squares! I was looking for gummies (because I love candy), and I was hard-pressed to choose just one.

What I Ordered: What I Loved From My Green Solutions

In the end, I chose two types of edibles for my online weed delivery: SEC Gemmies and an ETHER Magic Mushroom Treat. I also ordered a quarter ounce of Nirvana flower and a MoonRock pre-roll.

SEC Gemmies

These are the perfect edible. They are low dosage, so you can eat a whole candy without getting sky-high – I find it somewhat torturous when you have to chop the high-dose edibles into a dozen pieces to get the right dose. Also, you get seven for $10, which is a great bargain.

These Blue Raspberry Gemmies are only five milligrams each, which I find to be a perfect and subtle dose. Sometimes I’ll take them in the daytime to take the edge off of life, giving me a sweet and gentle lift. Other times I’ll take one after dinner, just to make the couch feel that much softer. I find these edibles spot on for both applications. 

ETHER Magic Mushroom Treat – Blueberry Jelly

Now, this was a first for me. I have tried mushrooms straight up, in tea, and in capsules, but never as a gummy. Sadly for me and my love of candy, I did have to chop it up into pieces (I aimed for ten even pieces to get approximately 100 mg doses). 

It was good that I did, though, because that dosage was just perfect. There was no psychedelic trip, only pleasant, uplifting energy. My mind was just busy enough to be continually productive without being the least bit frantic. There was also no burnout or dramatic come down, which I appreciated very much at the end of my day.

Nirvana – Flower

Boy, did I ever get lucky with this one. Nirvana is now officially my favourite strain of all time! It was all the things I love about cannabis: relaxing, uplifting, delicious, and named after a great band. 

The nugs were beautiful shades of green, ranging from dark to bright, and covered in crystals. They were all nicely trimmed, showcasing the tightness and density of the buds beneath. The aroma was overwhelming – fortunately, it was vacuum sealed when my weed delivery arrived, or it would have stunk up the post office pretty quick!

The high was just perfect for a daytime toke. Though it was a bit intense at first, I soon felt clear-headed, energized, and collected in my thoughts. My body was buzzing at a low frequency, giving me the power to cross off a significant section of my To-Do list. 

I didn’t get runaway thoughts or anxiety at all, leaving me to declare: Nirvana is the absolute most perfect strain for me! It will undoubtedly make the list for my next cannabis delivery order.

MoonRock Pre-Roll

For some reason, I didn’t see pre-rolls in the side or drop-down menus, so I put ‘pre-roll’ into the search bar and found these babies. I was just hoping to buy a few regular PRs, but I do not in the slightest regret finding out about MoonRocks!

One of these fatties is the equivalent of like, five regular joints. I hadn’t heard of moon rock before, but they’re kind of awesome: nugs of flower dunked in oil then sprinkled with kief? Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

Again, one toke off one of these beasties (I ordered the strawberry flavour) was the equivalent to half of a regular joint. I took it easy at first because I was a little scared of going too far. By my second sesh, I was up to two hits, and it was just perfect: a delightful, long-lasting high that carried me for a couple hours before gently lowering my mind back to a common plain. And the strawberry flavour was delicious too!

Promos and Discounts

I scored big in several ways with this order. As I said before, the homepage is full of promos that I took full advantage of. There was a free code for a 15 percent discount off my total order that I applied after everything was in my cart. Not only that, but the Nirvana bud was on sale too. Those two things combined saved me a pretty penny.

My Green Solution also offers free shipping to new customers. I was pleased in this case to not have to make a minimum order, though next time it won’t be hard to make their $200 minimum for free shipping. Plus, they have a rewards points system to put toward future orders, so it all adds up.

My Favourite Online Weed Delivery Service

My Green Solution is par excellence when it comes to online weed delivery service. Their user-friendly website made ordering a cinch, allowing me to find exactly what I wanted in no time flat. Their service was quick and discreet, bringing top-notch products to my door in a matter of days. I have definitely found my new go-to company for mail-order marijuana.

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