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I almost always choose sativa instead of indica. There are a couple of exceptions to this, and Purple Kush is one of them. It is one of my favourite strains for the deeply relaxing, happy high it provides. I like to move when I’m stoned, and I find that indicas glue me to the couch or put me to sleep. Purple Kush relaxes me and while still allowing me to focus and be active. 

On the day I planned to test this strain, I’d done an intense workout and felt the stiffness set in. I was excited about the deeply relaxing effects that I expected this strain would offer. Purple Kush is known to have a relaxing, long high. If I could get my body to relax long enough, perhaps my muscles could recover a little faster. 

Purple Kush has a vast range, from 17 to 27 percent THC. Because I knew I could get pretty high from this session, I made sure I had everything ready to go before getting started.  I put on comfortable clothes, made some herbal tea, and gathered blankets and cushions as I knew I might be on the couch for a while.

The first scent of this Purple Kush was delightfully earthy with a hint of skunk. The second whiff was sweet and candy-like, similar to purple grapes. The tight bud was pretty dense between my fingertips. Always nice to have a dense bud.

It grinds nicely and rolls easily. This Purple Kush is pretty and colourful with lots of red hairs, crystals, and hints of purple interspersed with the green flower. 

I lit the joint and took a long inhale. The first toke was rich and smooth. The white, billowing smoke was pretty gentle, and I didn’t experience any coughing or harshness. It smelled pungent and musky when lit. If you need to be discreet about your pot-smoking, this strain may not be for you. 

Easy to smoke and sweet-tasting, I felt relaxed almost immediately. After a few tokes, I put the joint down to check-in. My body and mind had calmed, and I felt happy. After 10 minutes, I felt a wave, a deeper level of relaxation. I realized that this one is a creeper. 

I put on some comedy and got cozy. I became focused on the show, and I laughed a lot. Things seemed especially funny. After a short time, it was full-belly laughter and uncontrollable giggles. 

I was grateful for the tea, as my mouth was dry, and I had the munchies. When I got up to make a second cup of tea, my body was very relaxed but not heavy or sluggish. 

The high lasted about 3 hours from 4-5 tokes. I had a deep sleep that evening and woke up feeling well-rested and less stiff the next day. 

Based on this test run, I definitely think that Purple Kush is for evening sessions. It worked well for me as I sought a deep rest and relaxation, and the laughter made the experience very enjoyable. 

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