Purple Space Cookies

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I was so excited to try Purple Space Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies is one of my favourite classic strains so knowing that it was crossed with Durban Poison had me dying to open the package.

When I did, I first noticed how dense each nug was. The weed was gorgeous, with a dark green colouring woven with a purple-tinted coat of what looked like light frost. The nug itself smelled sweet and a little bit like a fruit that I couldn’t place. It was scented a bit like a delicate tea.

The flower was a little hard to pull apart at first but ended up grinding perfectly. It seemed as though a lot of kief came off the nug during the process, which was going to be great in my joint. Thanks to the purple in the nug, the actual ground flower came out looking like tea, too.

I ended up smoking around a third of my joint before realizing that I should wait a few minutes for it to take effect. I usually smoke with a few other people, passing the weed around, so this joint’s smoothness made it ridiculously easy to keep smoking alone.

Within a minute of putting the joint down, I could feel the high settle in. I first felt it around the sides of my head, getting a little massage on the left and right sides of my brain. I then felt as if my body being moved, in an angelic way, not in a Lil Nas X descending into hell movement.

As time went on, I forgot I was high until I had to answer the door. Not realizing that my roommates had ordered pizza, my conversation with the delivery man wasn’t graceful. I’m not sure if the guy could tell that I was baked, but my replies to him were definitely a little laggy. At one point, I even ran away, leaving the door open without telling him I was going to get my roommates. I came back to a confused man holding a pizza in the cold, which made me burst out laughing.

When I returned to what I was doing before the pizza fiasco, I found myself feeling like I was on the clouds. I was more aware of each of my body movements and felt really happy.

I was shocked that I didn’t get hungry like I usually do and instead felt creative. I decided to do a little bit of colouring and painting and had a fantastic time, not caring how the artwork turned out. (It came out very abstract yet cool if you were wondering.)

The high from the Purple Space Cookies felt energetic yet calm. It was a great middle ground between functional high and couch potato.

All in all, I’d call the effects kind of spacey but not in a bad way. After smoking it out of a joint and having an excellent time, I’ll have to hit this weed out of a bong. I feel like it would enhance my creativeness and energy, resulting in some badass artwork.

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