Red Congolese flower

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I was excited to feel the effects of this popular sativa, as I was grumpy and stressed from my day. I knew that it was a well-liked strain, partially because it had won third place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013.

It had been an intense workday, and I wanted something uplifting. Red Congolese did not disappoint, and it worked quickly. 

Every part of my experience with this strain was awesome. From the appearance to the nose to the flavour and the effects, I absolutely loved it. 

The “red” in the name of this strain must come from the long reddish-gold hairs on the buds. The hairs and the brightness of the green buds reminded me of the weed we were smoking in the late 1990s. 

That was a carefree time in my life, so I was curious to know if the effects would leave me caring less about my day.  Looking at the soft, dense fresh buds, I couldn’t wait to twist up a good-sized blunt to help me dissolve the frustrations of my day.  

Upon close inspection, I could see a lot of crystals, making the buds very sticky. When ground up, Red Congolese didn’t readily come out of my grinder. I had to either tap extra hard or use my scissors to remove it from the grinder. 

I would recommend using something other than your fingers to lift this strain into your rolling paper or vape.

Despite the stickiness, Red Congolese was soft and fluffy on the rolling tray, and it made uniform, even-burning joints. 

The nose on it is complex and very pleasant. It is both fresh and earthy. Red Congolese offers a beautiful blend of evergreen, citrus, and a hint of spicy sweetness. 

The joint I smoked was slow-burning, and I got high before I was halfway through my session. Red Congolese was gentle, and I could take long pulls without coughing. The smoke wasn’t as stinky or skunky as other strains I’d tried recently, and the flavour was similar to the nose. 

It was fresh and delightful. 

As I observed the effects, I noticed the frustrations of five minutes ago had dissolved. I felt instantly imaginative and alert. My body felt relaxed and light. 

My mood was completely transformed. I sent a friend a voicemail, and I was chatty and happy, laughing and cracking jokes. 

Sativas are truly my favourite, and I remember why on days like these. I’d had a particularly challenging day. Red Congolese immediately lifted my mood and gave me the energy boost and motivation to wrap up the couple tasks I had left to do with focus and clarity. 

I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a strain that offers mood-elevating, energetic effects and allows you to be creative, work, do projects and be productive, or simply have a good time. 

Great for day or night, it has a gradual come-down, and I still felt great after it wore off about 3 hours later, and I had a very deep sleep. Red Congolese is an incredible strain, from the nose to how it smokes and the solid high it produces.  I rated it 5/5. 

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