SEC Sour Blue raspberry Gemmies

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Let me preface this review by saying that I am a massive lover of edibles. They’re my favourite way of consuming cannabis, so when I saw the SEC Sour Blue Raspberry Gemmies I just knew that I had to try them ASAP.

When I first got the gummies and looked through its plastic bag, I was confused. Why were there red gummies as well as blue when the flavouring is supposed to be blue raspberry? I mean, I guess raspberries are originally red? I don’t know, the colouring of candy is weird in general, but that’s beside the point.

The next thing I noticed besides the colour shock was the consistency of the gummies. It was pretty clear that these gemmies were going to be very gelatinous as I couldn’t see through them at all. They smelled a little odd, which made me wonder if they’d taste a little plastic-y as some edibles I’ve had done.

Oddly enough, I was honestly pretty sure I could throw one against the wall and it would’ve bounced back at me. The gummies were THAT squishy and opaque.

Needless to say, I didn’t throw one into my wall, instead throwing two into my mouth. Knowing my usual tolerance and trusting the packaging, I knew that one gummy wasn’t going to do much at 5 mg. 10 mg is usually my perfect microdose amount.

While I was chewing the two, I realized that I didn’t taste any of the marijuana at all. The blue and the red gemmies seemed to taste the same. If anything, the red was a little sweeter. That may have just been my imagination, though.

With most edibles, you get to a point where you get an earthy flavour. With these, I never hit that. At first, I only tasted the sweetness of the raspberry. It was only in the aftertaste that the sour hit. I almost wish that these were coated in a sour coating, but that’s only a recommendation.

Another great thing about these gemmies was that they were fairly fast-acting. Within a half-hour, I started to get incredibly hungry. So hungry that I had to whip up a second dinner and eat it as I was cooking. With the 10 mg, that was about all I felt.

Because I’m someone who likes to test the limits with my edibles intake, I decided to pop five into my mouth the next day. Let me tell you, 50 mg of these gummies is a wonderful experience. Yes, the hunger set in, but it was quickly replaced by what felt like waves rolling over my brain.

I felt as if I was in another dimension when I closed my eyes, causing me to spiral comfortably downwards and return to earth when I opened my eyes. While this sounds like a scary experience to some, it was one of my favourite kinds of highs.

I would 100% take these gemmies again, my only criticism being that I wish more came in the package. They’d be excellent for people who want to microdose or, like me, enjoy munching down on a bunch and seeing where the night takes them.

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