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I recently ordered some products from The Highest Kite, and I was very impressed. Not only was their service fast and subtle, but the products were of excellent quality and well-priced. I’m quick to say it was the best mail-order marijuana experience in Canada that I’ve had so far!

My Online Shopping Experience

Ordering from The Highest Kite was incredibly easy. Their website is laid out in a very user-friendly way, making it simple to sort through their products by type and quality. It was no trouble to find top-grade flower, as well as other quality cannabis and psilocybin products. They even have Sale and Clearance sections for those on a budget looking to buy good weed for an affordable price.

Placing an order from an online dispensary can be a little roundabout. Still, the customer support team was there to answer my questions to make sure I was getting what I wanted. 

Before I checked out, I used the coupon code they had listed at the top of the page to apply a 10 percent discount to my whole order! Since I didn’t make the minimum of $149 for free shipping, that discount covered half my shipping fees, which felt like a win. 

The Mail Order

The order from Highest Kite arrived quickly and discreetly. There was a “code name” on the box, so I was slightly confused when I got the parcel at the post office. Everything inside had been vacuum-sealed, so there wasn’t the slightest odour to give away the contents. 

But oh, the contents! The bud was so beautiful. As soon as I cut the vacuum seal, my living room was overwhelmed by the smell of pungent marijuana. I find that smell akin to someone else making coffee in the morning—just pleasing to the soul. I dug into the package right away to see how it all looked.

Purple Space Cookies (Flower)

The Purple Space Cookies flower I ordered was an impressive lot. I’m a fan of anything purple, especially when it comes to cannabis. Purple usually means powerful, and this Space Cookies bud was no exception. As an indica-dominant hybrid with deep-purple buds and a slathering of golden trichomes, this bud smoked as good as it smelled.

The sativa side of the hybrid hits right away. At first blast, I felt a surge of energy and good feelings, like it was time to put a smile beneath these red eyes and get ‘er done. I took charge of accomplishing some household tasks before getting into some outdoor work and drinking in some fresh air. 

It was good I tackled those things while my energy was high because my body soon relaxed into a smooth state that called for a cup of tea and a snooze in the sun. I melted right into that purple haze and let it melt my aches away… 


These buds are loud (like a rockstar oughta be), just an outrageous, vibrant green that’s practically neon. There’s a purple undertone throughout that adds to its mystique and poise, contrasted by a bright crystal dusting and an abundance of wiry orange hairs. The buds have been trimmed to perfection, primped and ready to take centre stage. 

The skunky-earthy aroma matches the flavour: strong and rich and slightly spicy. When I ground the bud, the aromas intensified and surrounded me in a heavenly ganja bubble. The grind itself proved to be a perfect balance of dry and sticky, showing me that it had been cured properly. After rolling it up into a joint and having a few hits, I felt a cerebral slam right away. 

At first, the high was a bit intense in my head, but it soon gave way to good feelings of inspiration and motivation. Shortly after that, I felt my body sinking into a state of deep relaxation, yet without debilitating brain fog. I gave in to the phases of the experience and let it carry me along like a song. I have to say this Rockstar bud is undoubtedly bound for fame.

Highest Kite Edibles

I’m a big fan of edibles, so I was curious to check out their selection. There were so many yummy options, it was hard to choose. I went with Stoner Patch Dummies because I love sour patch kids, and they seemed like a good bang for their buck (350 mg for $25? Yes, please!).

I cut each one up into four pieces—not only to shrink the dosage but to spread them a little further. I find a quarter of a candy to be the perfect dose for me. The high creeps up over time, but at no point do I feel super stoned. It’s more like my body mellows out, my mind slows down (sometimes an advantage, sometimes not), and things just fall into place.

I also ordered a packet of Microdose psilocybin, the 5 x 100 mg capsules option. I hadn’t purchased shrooms from a dispensary before, and I was curious to see how they would compare with black market stuff. They were slightly pricier than what I have paid before but by no means a big hit to the wallet. 

The 100 mg dosage is just perfect. As an irregular mushroom user, I like to take just enough to get the energy lift without the trip. These capsules are perfect for someone with a low tolerance looking for that balanced boost. I also felt my brain being released from inhibition, opening channels to creativity and an overall increase in confidence. 

The Best Mail Order Marijuana In Canada

I was very impressed overall with my experience with The Highest Kite. Their website is easy to use, which makes placing an order a quick and simple process. Their customer service is great, and they offer amazing deals on top-quality products. This has definitely been one the best mail order marijuana services in Canada I’ve used so far.  I’ll be back! 

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