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Top BC Cannabis is a dream. The medical cannabis dispensary provides it all: quality, service, value, and ease. I’d never ordered marijuana online in my life, and I was hesitant. 

Beyond the product reviews and selection, I want to share my reasons for choosing Top BC Cannabis. 

These include: 

  • The online shopping experience
  • Ongoing promotions and ways to save
  • Top-quality products 
  • My favourite product: Purple Kush

How I Found Top BC Cannabis

I use medical cannabis for stress. At the end of the day, I look forward to those few minutes of solace while puffing on a joint. Like other Canadian moms, I know that time for myself is precious, so this ritual is part of my self-care regimen. 

The day I could not get to my local dispensary was a day I would rather forget. As my anxiety rose, I called a friend in a panic, and they recommended I order from Top BC Cannabis. 

After several great experiences, Top BC Cannabis is my go-to recommendation, full-stop. 

Top BC Cannabis is a Top Choice for Canadian Moms

I’m too busy to research what is good and what is not. Top BC Cannabis is perfect for busy people who need products fast. I have my favourite strains, and when those are not available, the reviews come in handy. 

My experiences so far are a blend of quality, service, and that little something extra that makes the experience memorable. When you visit the website, you will see what I mean. 

There are a variety of strains, with images, descriptions, and reviews. Top BC Cannabis offers FAQ and an informative blog. With a few clicks, I can access all I need to make an informed choice that supports my wellness, which ultimately supports my family’s wellness. 

The Online Shopping Experience

While there is lots of information on the site, I find it easy to navigate and informative. If you’re unsure where to find something, there is a full site menu at the bottom of each page. 

I grew up in the days of calling a dealer who would meet me in a park or at a convenience store where we would exchange a bag of weed for cash. We never had much choice back then, so I appreciate all the different strains of flower Top BC Cannabis offers.

I like to scan popular products, what’s new, and promotions. The site uses clear headers, and everything is clickable. Top BC Cannabis updates their website regularly. 

Simplicity is a strength of the website. There’s a page dedicated to walking customers through the online experience with three simple steps: shop, check out, and payment. If you have more questions, there’s a form to submit them and an online chat feature too. 

Top BC Cannabis Always has a Sale

Top BC Cannabis offered me $15 off the first time I shopped. As a parent, I love saving a few dollars. I got some other deals through sign-ups to notifications and newsletters. It seems that every time I visit the site, I can find a way to save. 

I would recommend signing up for the rewards program. It’s free and so easy. Once points accumulate, I can start to save money on my orders right at the checkout. There are also contests to win prizes through the website. 

Since Top BC Cannabis gives free shipping for orders over $150, I try to order larger quantities. 

I like to take advantage of the $99 ounces, bundle deals, and mix-and-match, so I have weed for recreational purposes. Overall, I find the prices reasonable, and if I’m strategic I can save a lot over the long term. 

Top-Quality Products 

Because I use cannabis for my mental health, quality is non-negotiable. I have ordered five times from Top BC Cannabis, and they deliver on their promise of high-quality medical cannabis every time. I generally stick with flower, and I plan to explore other products because I trust them. 

I consume cannabis in the evening, so my choices are often indicas or indica-dominant hybrids. Two of the products I enjoyed are Black Nuken and Black Diamond. The buds of both strains are full, dense, and packed with crystals. 

Black Nuken is a smooth, indica-dominant hybrid that leaves me feeling light-hearted and stress-free. Black Diamond is an indica that helps me relax while giving me that final boost of energy to end my day with my entire presence. 

My smile is wider, things look brighter, and I can let go of my daily stress when I smoke both of these strains. Both Black Nuken and Black Diamond are great options for Canadian moms and all caretakers of children looking to let go of frustration and stress from the day. 

These strains are slow-burning and reignite nicely. If one of the kids wakes up, I can put out my joint and return to it later. The high isn’t too heavy, either. I can still function while feeling happy and calm. 

If I have tasks to finish before tucking in, I can complete them. With both strains, I have enough energy and I am clear-minded enough to function. I feel almost instantly unburdened and notice that I wake up the following day refreshed. 

My Favourite Product: Purple Kush

I have saved the best for the last part of my review of Top BC Cannabis. Purple Kush has been a long-time favourite. It’s such a great price and I love it so much that I even reordered it before I ran out. 

The buds are beautiful. They are tight, covered in crystals, and fragrant. I do have to keep Purple Kush in an airtight container. It tastes lovely, smokes smoothly, and makes me feel relaxed and sparkly. It calms both my body and mind. 

From the moment I open the package, I know I’m going to have a good night. Whether I’m cleaning up after the kids or watching some comedy before going to bed, it all just flows. Anything weighing heavily on my mind evaporates with the wispy smoke. 

I give Purple Kush a 5/5 rating, and even if you prefer sativa, I can’t recommend this strain enough. 

Thank You, Top BC Cannabis 

Top BC Cannabis gives a well-rounded experience, from top-quality medical cannabis to easy ordering, affordable prices, and great savings. They are discreet, offer fantastic service, respond quickly, and continue to make my life easier by delivering bud right to my doorstep. 

Top BC Cannabis gives me both quality and quantity at great prices. I can’t recommend them enough!

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