Tuna Kush Grade AAA – indica dominant

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I’d heard that this strain was stinky, hence the name Tuna Kush. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised by the nose on this bud. Stinky weed is not a deterrent for me; many of the most potent smelling strains have provided the most pleasant experiences. 

I like the nose on this particular Kush. It smells herbaceous and earthy. I felt grounded just from an inhale of the unlit flower. 

Out for a walk in the spring rain, I had a spot where I’d like to toke. My goal was to connect with nature and get a little exercise. I’d rolled in advance, and the dense, crystal-abundant buds of this Tuna Kush ground up easily. The rain was coming down in buckets, so I found a dry-ish spot under a large cedar. 

Once lit, the smoke swirled like incense, and the inhales were smooth. I took one big toke and felt a bit of harshness in my throat. Tuna Kush tastes delicious. I enjoy herbaceous smoke, so this increased the rating I gave. 

The scent changed only slightly when lit. It remained earthy and herbaceous, only now it was stronger and with a hint of skunk. That hint made it pungent in a pleasant way. It burned evenly. Despite the wet weather, it didn’t go out. 

I felt the effects about halfway through smoking the joint, which made smoking the rest of it very enjoyable. Initially, everything felt softer, and the sensations in my face and head were gentle. 

Listening to music, I noticed the raindrops were syncing with the beat. I felt sharply focused, immersed in my surroundings with heightened senses. I was alert. I could hear everything, and all I saw was bright and vibrant.

My body felt great. There was no heaviness, and it felt great to be outside. I had a little bounce in my step when I started to walk again. This surprised me a little, as this strain is indica dominant. 

I didn’t dwell on that thought for long, and instead, I looked wide-eyed at the beauty of nature around me. 

Another surprise was the lack of cottonmouth. No dry mouth! I didn’t get the munchies, either. 

When I got into a conversation, I was curious, funny, and engaged. I wanted to share thoughts and ideas. I laughed easily. I felt so comfortable I forgot I was baked. When I needed to use logic, I couldn’t access it. At that moment, it dawned on me how stoned I was, and that made me laugh. This is a creative, happy strain that is good for brainstorming and imagining. It isn’t so great for clarity. 

The whole experience felt very intentional. It lasted about 3.5 hours, and I did smoke the entire joint by myself. Tuna Kush is a great strain for relaxing and feeling connected with nature and your surroundings. 

I recommend it for chilling out at home and watching comedy, going for a leisurely walk, creative pursuits, or mindfulness practices. 

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