Want Something Mellow? Best Low-THC Strains to Try

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THC is a wonderful cannabinoid, but not everyone enjoys it. Plain and simple, sometimes people get too anxious or paranoid when they overdo it with THC. For beginners wanting to avoid a bad first-time experience and experts who want a more relaxing high, low-THC, high-CBD weed is a great choice.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a CBD-heavy strain that has a 15: 1 ratio of CBD to THC. This strain is a rich green color and ideal for those looking for medicinal-marijuana-specific weed with minimal psychoactive properties. 

For medicinal users, it can help with nausea and inflammation. The product cultivated by Solei Free is sustainably grown in a sunrich environment, which is an extra, natural bonus.

The taste has some spicy notes to it, but once it takes effect you will feel stress-free, relaxed, and focused. You can find it offered by other cultivators, but Solei’s version is a favourite. 


By far one of the most often purchased CBD strains online is Harlequin. You can find this strain at a variety of dispensaries. 

Most lab results show a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. Users often report feeling happy and engaged. This strain is also great for pain relief, inflammation, and treating anxiety. All of this makes it especially popular with the medical marijuana community.

Pure Sun

Pure Sun is another strain with strong CBD content and less than one percent of THC on average. This comes from a handpicked cannatonic phenotype, making it the perfect strain to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

The flowers themselves are small and tightly packed, with a mixture of green hues. There are trichomes aplenty that are heavily dusted about the buds. The major terpenes in this strain are bisabolol, myrcene, and guaiol, which give it a sweet flavour and aroma that is reminiscent of flowers, sugar, vanilla, orange, and cardamom.


ACDC is another strain that you often see at various dispensaries. This strain has a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. The low THC percentages are mostly trace amounts. This makes it great for users who want all of the medicinal benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Despite the name, ACDC is super mellow and the perfect choice for those who want to remain clear headed but be physically relaxed. For vape users, check out the 10:1 ratio of ACDC vape at Green Magic.

Sour Tsunami

This strain was created by the well-known cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo. It breeds together Sour Diesel with NYC Diesel and results in a strain that is very high in CBD content, with about one to two percent THC.

Due to the high profile nature of Ringo and the acclaim of this strain, you can find it at many online dispensaries. It is another medicinal marijuana favourite. Many people call it the perfect strain for anxiety and pain relief.

Tips For Finding the Right Strain

Finding low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strains is easier than you might think. You don’t need to run extensive searches all over the internet. Most dispensaries have tools embedded in their website to narrow your search results. Look for filters or keywords that limit the strains. This will be less overwhelming.

If all else fails and you have lost all hope in that elusive CBD-dominant strain, then just check out the recommendations above. All of these strains come highly recommended, and the links provided are to reputable dispensaries.

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